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Keynote Speaker

Cristina is an encourager, instructor, prolific advisor with potently inspiring and crucially beneficial Keynote Speaking topics in the wheelhouse of finances, spirituality and life wellness.


The Specialist in Financial Health Planning and Advisement

  • Sought after specialist in the financial planning and advisement industries
  • Entrepreneur, Speaker, Preacher & Fitness Coach
  • Personal CFO at oXYGen financial, an Atlanta based financial planning firm with several locations
  • Cristina has over (20) twenty years of experience in the financial planning industry with extraordinary gifts in the fitness, speaking and ministry sectors of her community
  • Featured writer with presence on many popular media on-line websites
  • Driven with a desire to empower and educate people about their finances and how to live one’s best life
  • Lives a life of excellence and encourages her clients, friends, neighbors and community to do the same

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